Public Action is a new collective and non-profit association. The statement is to raise the awareness of social issues throughout art and visual culture. Even the smallest actions are important. A concept must be selective, attractive and elegant. It should take actions towards a more responsible society. The content deals with democracy and defines new communities and responsible companies.

Public Action invites Nordic international professionals — artist, photographers, designers, writers and illustrators to explore their own thoughts and actions. The key to visual communication is avant-garde.

It is all about visual rhythm. Visual rhythm is a representation of avant-garde drama. One genre and source of inspiration is Arte Povera, which literally means poor art. Arte Povera is a modern art movement organized by Italian art critic Germano Celant. The term was introduced in Italy in the 60’s and 70’s when artists began attacking the values of established institutions and culture.

What is the Public Action credo? ”Think. Join. Help.”

The action stands out from other choices in terms of questioning the conventional way of thinking. Everything we do must have a strong positive impact on the culture and field.