Photography Idan Raichel Project

Idan Raichel

IIn Israel, military service is mandatory for all young men and women, so at age eighteen. Idan Raichel was conscripted in to the Israeli army. It was in this military setting that Idan developed musical skills that would prove essential later in life. Rather then heading to the front line soft his volatile region, Idan joined the Army rock band and tour ed military bases, performing covers of Israeli and European pop hits. From the beginning, Idan saw the experience as a collaboration be t ween artists who each bring their own musical culture and talent sto the stage. As part of what became known as The Idan Raichel Project he brought to get herd different musicians from awide variety of back grounds. including Ethiopians, Jews and Arabs among others .The Idan Raichel Project become known a round the world for its cross -cultural collaborations that changed the idea of Israeli popular music and offered young, tolerant , multi – ethnic Israelis a music that all the universe could love.<3

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